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Uploading Price List onto GSA Advantage SIP Program

Once you are awarded a GSA schedule you are required to upload your company’s products and services onto the GSAAdvantage!®   website.  That is where we at Black Orchid Consulting can help assist you in remaining compliant.  We will create and upload your online catalog to provide ease for browsing purchasing agents.

We do all of this for a low low flat rate of $600.00* no matter the  scope of your price list.  Once we have complied your price list based on the terms and conditions that were identified, reviewed and negotiated subsequent to your contract award. (You may only include those items, terms and conditions that were awarded.)  We will upload your Price List to SIP for approval.  Once completed we will continue to follow up until your price list hits the GSAAdvantage!®   website.

And unlike other firms our price is our only price!  We never charge for errors or omission corrections.

Reason for Rejection:

If the data you provide to us is not the same as the negotiated terms of your contract your file will be rejected.  Providing the correct terms of your contract will allow the upload process to be completed in a timely fashion.

Contract Fact Form:

We ask that you download and complete our Information Form and Price List Form in order to avoid any inconsistencies.  

Should you have any questions about these forms or our service please call us at 631-418-4499 or email us at:    

*Please Note: This price is based on 1 GSA Schedule with maximum of 5 SINs.  For each additional 5 SINs are prorated.

Additional News:  
Importance of Updated Catalogs –


GSA Initiative

In January GSA sent an e-mail message to those Schedules contractors who had not updated their GSA Advantage!® product descriptions within the past two years. In the e-mail, contractors were advised to update their files within 90 days to avoid removal of their catalog information from GSA Advantage!®:

GSA will continue to identify contractors on a weekly basis who have not updated their catalogs within the past two years. Please remember that removal of these GSA Advantage!® catalog files does not result in automatic cancellation of the contract or removal from eLibrary. However, if the contractors have not kept their GSA Advantage!® information updated, the Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO) may review other relevant performance information and consider the most appropriate action to take. 

The initiative appears to be working in a positive manner. Over 1.5 million items have been updated since the e-mails began going out to industry. As it is the buying season, it is more important than ever that item listings and pricing information on GSA Advantage!® be accurate and complete. We appreciate your cooperation and continued support of GSA’s efforts to ensure customers have a positive buying experience on GSA Advantage!® (page 6)
We take the worry out of the process!
We are now Digitally Certified
New Service : eMod Submission

As we continue to develop our supportive services, we have been issued a Digital Certificate.  This enables us to continually support our clients as they make changes to their contracts such as; Price Increases, Product Adds and Deletion and many others.

And sticking with our commitment to keep our prices reasonable we will compile all necessary documents and format the submission letter of request for a flat fee of $300.00*.  

This includes the submission through the eMod system.  We will also address any issues identified by the government and resubmit as necessary for the same flat fee of $300.00.

*Please Note: This price is based on e-Mod submissions only all other Modifications prices are negotiated starting at $450.00
List of Services Offered:
GSA Schedules 
GSA Price List Formatting
SIP Program Upload
GSA Schedule Modifications
eMod Submissions
Contract Extensions
Sales Analysis
Marketing Analysis