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Black Orchid Consulting- 

        is a firm specializing in assisting newly and existing GSA Schedule holders to stay competitive in their respective field.  

        Just having a schedule is only half the battle in this very competitive market.  In order to maintain a viable competitive edge a company must have their approved pricing uploaded onto the GSAAdvantage!®   website.  This is not only necessary but also part of the Administrative requirements of your GSA contract, and to avoid non-compliance penalties.

  We at Black Orchid provide just that type of assistance.  Navigating through the Government process can be tedious and time consuming.  Let us help you make the most of your Schedule and keep your company on a level playing field with the big boys.  Our services include SIP Program upload and eMod submissions.  We are digitally certified allowing our computers to communicate directly with government software programs.

                   Administrative Compliance:      

Did You Know?

Did you know that you are required to comply with Administrative requirements such as price uploads?        

                         Administrative Compliance 
                              with your Contract Terms

There are many items of compliance that are required of all schedule holders just to name a few: Quarterly Sales Reports, IFF Funding Reports, etc.  But none more important than Price Upload.  This is one of the first requirements of your administrative duties.Ultimately it is your responsibility to manage and comply with your awarded schedule.  From the moment you complete your final negotiations with your Contracting Officer and signed on the dotted line you agreed to adhere to all the contract requirements.

                    Canceling Your Contract 

You and the government both have the unilateral right to cancel your contract with 30 days written notice and walk away free and clear. There are several reasons why the government may choose to cancel a contract. Some of these are:  
  • Violations of contract terms and conditions;
  •  Non-compliance with contract deliverables (e.g., failure • to report sales, repeated late reporting of sales, failure to remit IFF, failure to keep the price list current, failure to load the price list to GSAAdvantage!®, failure to submit required eSRS filings);  
  • The government no longer has a need for the products and/or services offered; and  
  • Low annual sales (maintaining the contract is not profitable to you or GSA)

Review Clause 552.238-73 for more information about contract cancellation.

Note: Cancellations are effective 30 calendar days after the other party receives the written notice of cancellation. 

https://vsc.gsa.gov/stepstosuccess.pdf   (page23)                                    
Successful GSA Schedule Price List
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EvoLucia Inc.
Bayside Medical Supply Co., Inc.
Ganahl Lumber Company
Spectrum Unlimited, Inc.
Stat Medical Serivices, Inc
PRDS Corporation
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Successful GSA Schedules:
Bayside Medical Supply Co., Inc.
DOC Development Inc.